Battle of Savo MIA

Figure 1
Thousands of sailors of four nations died in naval battles on waters surrounding Savo Island during WWII. There is written record of one of them from the first naval battle in the waters – the Battle of Savo Island - being washed up and buried on the island itself. He may still be there today. Cape Esperance on Guadalcanal on the left of the photo, Savo Island in the centre. The view looks to the setting sun. One of the objectives of a field survey of Savo by Archaehistoria would be to determine if the sailor is still there. [Photo by Ewan M. Stevenson on November 4, 2011].

Sunset Savo Island

Figure 2
The sun sets over the South Eastern shores of Savo Island on November 4, 2011, where the Melanesian village of Reka (or Reko) is located. It is here that a sailor from the Battle of Savo Island was buried. Has he been recovered? [Photo by Ewan M. Stevenson].

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