Leif Scroder Savo Island

Figure 1
This depiction of Savo Island was made by the Mapping Sub-Section C-2, of the 1st Marine Amphibious Corps in December 1942. Just 12 months before, a lone white trader, 50 year-old Leif Schroder, operated on the island when the Pacific War began. The island was isolated and in the remotest corner of the South Pacific. He sold sticks of tobacco and a few odds and ends to the islanders and probably purchased their copra production for on-selling. Leif could never have imagined the turn of events that would totally disrupt his style of living. Within six months he was forced by Japanese invaders to flee the island to save his life. [Excerpt from 1: 217,500 scale Map Guadalcanal and Florida Is. with a portion of Malaita I. Composite Information Map. Mapping sub-section C-2 1st Marine Amphibious Corps, Dec. 1942. NZ NA].

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