Tinovaka 6inch gun

One of a pair of U.S. 6-inch Naval guns emplaced at Tinovaka at the Northern end of Savo Island. Photograph taken September 3, 1943. (Site SAVO1a)[NA 80-G-203637].

Tinovaka 6inch gun 2

Figure 2
Another view of Site SAVO1A. These guns are c.1919 vintage and covered the Northern approach into Iron Bottom Sound. Photograph dated September 3, 1943. [NA 80-G-203638].

US 6inch Naval gun

Figure 3
View of a second U.S. 6-inch Naval gun being emplaced at Tinovaka on Savo’s Northern tip by African Americans of the U.S. 34th Naval Construction Battalion on September 3, 1943. The 34th Seabees was an African American unit and arrived in the area in February 1943. Their main tasking was the building of the Seaplane Base at Halavo Bay on nearby Florida Islands. These Naval guns no longer exist on Savo, but the base foundations are reportedly still extant. These military installations are the only permanent wartime structures built on Savo Island during WWII. An archaeological survey would record the precise positions and might reveal other structures associated with the emplacements. Site SAVO1B. [NA 80-G-203639].

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