Kingfisher Seaplane

Figure 1
Plane No. 2 of eight Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher Seaplanes of Scouting Squadron 68 (VS-68) drawn up on the beach at the base in Selwyn Bay, Ugi Island, in the Eastern Solomons in late 1943. Two 325-pound Mk. 17 depth bombs sit on the beach ready to load. A pair of Kingfishers from this squadron were dispatched to search for a missing aviator on November 5, 1943, and sighted a survivor on a yellow box. He was later rescued. [U.S. Navy 80-G collection, National Archives, as published, p. 30, “OS2U Kingfisher in Action” by Al Adcock, Squadron Signal Publications, 1991].

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