WWII relics at Bitaama

Figure 1
Some WWII war relics have been reported at Bitaama on Malaita’s North West coast. Considering the few WWII sites on Malaita, what are these WWII artefacts and do they identify a largely unknown WWII site? Have these relics come from another site, such as the radar station and installations at Cape Astrolabe?  The lack of information is all the more reason to conduct an on the ground survey. It is highly likely such a survey on Malaita will uncover new WWII sites which will require follow-up historical research to fully interpret. This is one of the objectives of Archaehistoria. If you would like to help fund and join such an expedition, please contact Archaehistoria. [Excerpt from 1: 50,000 Map Series X715, Sheet 0816007, 2007].

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