aerial view of Auki Harbour

Figure 1
An oblique aerial view of Auki Harbour, the main township of Malaita Island, on June 28, 1944. The view looks Southwards with Auki (Sakwalo) Island in the middle of the harbour. The photo was taken from a RNZAF No. 3 BR Squadron Ventura aircraft and captures the moment when No. 6 Flying Boat Squadron Catalina NZ4012, Captained by W/O C. Regan, is taxing into the harbour (see PBY-5 on water in mid-picture) just after noon to picked up Squadron Leader Clarence R. Parker and crew of Ventura NZ4556 which had ditched off the Southern end of Malaita Island three days before (see Site MALA 41). [No. 3 Squadron Album, RNZAF Museum].

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