The Secret wartime BSIP Government station

Figure 1
In early May 1942, the skeleton British Solomon Islands Protectorate Government had shifted to Auki. The Japanese installations and Yokohama Kokutai flying boat base was a mere 42 miles away across Indispensible Strait at the Gavutu-Tanambogo-Tulagi complex. The Japanese were vigorously developing the newly captured territory. Ominously, within nine weeks, the Japanese had moved onto the flat coastal plains at Levers Lunga Plantation Estate on Guadalcanal, and started building an airfield. Japanese naval forces, barges, destroyers, RUFE seaplane fighters and Kawanishi MAVIS flying boats were everywhere. It was clearly evident the visible, main township of Malaita at Auki would become a future focus for Japanese attention, so the British government officials including the Resident Commissioner and the vital teleradio, prudently established themselves at a secret location. That location was at Fulisango, some three and half miles further and higher into the jungle behind Auki. The settlement lasted only a few months and consisted of very camouflaged, Melanesian-style, organic leaf houses. Due to these factors, archaeological evidence of this most remote secret post of the British Empire will be hard to find. Perhaps the most likely evidence to be found maybe the inorganic rubbish (trash) dump left behind by the BSIP Government officials! [Excerpt from 1: 50,000 Map Series X715, Sheet 0816016, 2007].

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