Lieutenant Stub Grumman Wildcat Fighter

Figure 1
While Captain Joseph Foss’s plane loss (Site MALA25) off the coast of Malaita on November 7, 1942, is more well known, fellow squadron (VMF-121) pilot 2nd Lt. Jacob A.O. “Jake” Stubb was also in the same air action and also ditched off Malaita. Unlike Foss who was rescued promptly, Stubb would spend several days on Malaita before being picked up. His Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat was BuNo. 03480 and looked like the depiction above. [Aircraft profile by Don Greer, as published p. 37 of “Marine Fighting Squadron One-Twenty-One (VMF-121)” by Thomas Doll, Squadron Signal Publications, 1996].

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